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Guidelines Recommended On or After the Day of an Acupuncture Treatment

- Wear loose and comfortable clothing for easy access to acupuncture points.

- Do not come on an empty stomach.

- Do not eat an unusually large meal just before or after treatment.

- Allow for a period of rest immediately after your acupuncture treatment.

- Continue to take your prescription medications as prescribed by your primary care physician.

- After your treatment, avoid stressful situations. Make time to relax. A warm bath or shower is helpful.

Also, be sure to get plenty of rest.

- Between visits, make notes of any changes in your body that may have occurred. Like the alleviation of

pain or pain moving to a different area, changes in the frequency and/or type of problem, etc...

This information will be important to share with your acupuncturist.



What should you expect after first acupuncture treatment?

- Most patients often experience dramatic results in the first treatment.

- Some patients experience an immediate total or partial relief of their pain or other symptoms.

This relief may last or some pain may return.

- In a few cases, there may be no immediate relief, but the patient may notice the pain diminish over the next few days.

Generally, you should expect to feel better.

- For centain symptoms, it may take a couple of visits to start getting better and feeling the result.


Things You Can Do To Manage Arthritis Pain

- Eat a healthy diet.

- Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night.

- Keep a daily diary of pain and mood changes to share with your acupuncturist.

- Keep body warm, and aviod cold.



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